Brand Identity
Non-profit Organization

( Art Center College of Design 2022)

LAWA is a rebranding project for a nonprofit organization CLAW (Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife). Its mission is to promote, educate and protect the fundamental importance of wildlife, wildlife habitats, and wildlife corridors in Los Angeles.


With such meaningful and diversified efforts that CLAW have made, I felt like it needed a name that speaks for their mission, and CLAW has a strong connection with mammals only. So I created Los Angeles Wildlife Allies (LAWA), which emphasizes its mission to unite and support wildlife conservation.

A Visual System

For nonprofit organization, graphic design is not always affordable.
This rebrand is designed with creating a flexible system in mind— a strong visual identity that is easy to expand, renew, and recreate.

Expand the Existing Influence

The initial motivation for the project started from I realized how unique and amazing it is to live in Los Angeles with the co-existence of a growing urban population and wild lands.

The abstract in nature is the root of the design. Therefore, I examined the color, texture and shape of objects in nature by taking pictures of them and distracting these attributes separately.

Inspiring advocacies show the concept of protecting wildlife in the urban area, and opportunities to educate people about conservation.

Volunteer event is a key part of LAWA's approach to engage the local community with wildlife conservation.

The new identity can help with establishing a clear visual clue of togetherness and community.

An example of signage at the conservation site.

A series of events from guided tours to geology talks highlights that the miracles of wildlife exist everywhere right in our neighborhood, even your own backyards.

Rebuild the Organizational Image

When having a small budget for design, the identity collateral uses the minimal and recognizable logo mark,...

...dynamic combination of color and forms in the visual language system,...

and pairing of simple black and white printing with colorful yet accessible office papers for vibrant and effective messaging.

Reframing the Brand

A proposed series of prints and souvenirs would bring new opportunity to education of wildlife conservation.

The postcard series brings attention to events for teens and young adults to take part in.

LAWA 100 is a proposed card collection series that has fun and informative designs of introductions to a hundred of wildlife that people should know in Los Angeles.

The quarterly acts as a update for upcoming events, newsletters and fun facts of wildlife.

Designing souvenirs that people can take with them after the events can make deeper and stronger connection.

The seed series allow people to grow their own plants at home.

Similar to the National Parks system, patches are fun to collect, and proud to represent.

The website is designed for clear and simple navigation for the audience to engage with LAWA from in-person to online, yet speaking the advocacy of its mission with bold visuals and typography.

Each aspect of the brand identity system speaks LAWA's messaging of making connection between the community and the wildlife in the Los Angeles area.