Web Design
Website Development

Team Leader: Brian Boyl, Krystina Castella

This project is a website I designed and built for ShineLA on a four-people team. ShineLA is a social impact project that promotes health and wellness in Los Angeles for the lead-up to the 2028 Olympics. It was developed in conjunction with ArtCenter’s Designmatters, LA Recreation and Parks, and medical researchers from multiple institutions.

Visual Language

The website's visual language is consistent with the ShineLA identity: inviting, vivid, and warm, featuring the bright tone of the City of Los Angeles. The color splash on the website, from navigation bars, illustrations to headlines, is designed to echo this tone while help with a clear hierarchy of information.

Text and Information

The website functions as a promotional platform as well as a research center for the audience. To optimize the text-heavy structure and readability, multiple information modules are designed: color blocks, text cards, and headlines on splash images.

Responsive Web Design

The website are targeted at audiences with smaller screens (non-widescreen user), and therefore responsive design on tablet and mobile view is an important extension to desktop version.