Hello / 你好 /ようこそ / 어서 오십시오 !

My given name Chang means “going to limitless extremes”, with my parents’ blessings that I fully and freely enjoy life’s journey. Growing up in an engineering-focused family and moving around from Beijing to Washington D.C., London to Los Angeles, I am a combination of Artist and Doer. During my travels, I studied and worked in arts management, documentary production and graphic design, and have been trained to work under pressure while maintaining professionalism at all times. Meanwhile I keep an artistic eye responding to beauty in the detail, so the world never bores me.

I was diagnosed with permanent hearing loss at the age of two. It does not define me but is an ongoing “project” I deal with on a daily basis. My given name is an apt description of my attitude – I work energetically on art projects, laugh hard at bad jokes, and devote myself to everything I love with utmost earnestness. As a visual designer, I am not afraid to take risks to explore multiple iterations, and continuously learn new skills. Design is a significant part of my life, and it sits on the throne with my love of books, galleries, and Saturday night with a stand-up comedy show.