Font Design
Web Design

(Art Center College of Design 2021)
Instructor: Greg Lindy

NeoGeo is an exuberant geometric font that demonstrates a balance between tension and dynamic. The dramatic contrast of strokes makes it a bold, playful display font. The inherent forward momentum and a sense of the future also make the font appropriate for sports branding, web development, motion graphics, sci-fi video content, and music.

Font Setting

The font is designed based on calligraphy analysis and thorough research into sans-serif typefaces in the twentieth century, focusing on the shift from strict Modernist and industrialized styles to the more animated styles.

Font Demo

The strong structure gives NeoGeo font a sense of static, making it easily readable from a distance. In contrast, the joints create an elegant silhouette and a rhythm, which reminds one of music or dancing.

Web Application

Graphic explorations from the font setting were expanded to a website to test on-screen performance.