• 2022 TDC Young Ones (Work is included in the Annual of the Type Directors Club)
  • Liminality: 2022 Visual Art Exhibition of Asian Artists in America
Identity System

( Art Center College of Design 2020)
Instructors: Stephen Serrato, Tyler Paulson

The TypoLA project is a visual identity system for a hypothetical international design conference. It pushes the design profession forward by asking provocative questions and challenging designers to think about the inclusivity and diversity in typography design. Where have all the voices gone in an industry ever-dominated by white men? Typography can be a radical act in this conversation – I deconstructed the English lower case letters “l” and “a”, and rebuilt it in the shapes of different languages to let out a strong voice of the new era typography manifesto.

Variable Logo

This design’s principal part is a logo system featuring variations based on the shape of the lower case letter “l” and “a” to simulate the alphabet in different languages. It serves to elevate the voice of the conference. The logotype acts to provide a foundation for more diversified moments.

Identity & Environmental

The conference's identity system was created from the frame of the TypoLA logomark. It functions as an important visual tool at this international event.

Web Design

The TypoLA website serves as a portal sharing the conference information and promoting the guest designers. Visit the functioning website at: https://typola-website.webflow.io/